Monday, March 08, 2010

European Identity Conference 2010

Less than two months to go until the 4th annual European Identity Conference, and registration is now open! Once again, as last year, I'll be delivering an opening keynote as well as hosting two session tracks.

On Tuesday (5/4/10), I'll keynote on "Convergence: Better Control, Lower Cost". Since it's the keynote between a break and Kim Cameron, I should at least get those who want to come early to get a good seat for Kim!

On Wednesday (5/5/10), I'll continue the "convergence" theme with a track called "Value Through Convergence - Consolidate for Better Value, Efficiency and Security".This will feature a conversation with Martin Kuppinger ("5 Quick-Wins to Leverage your Existing Identity Infrastructure through Convergence"), a conversation with Kim Cameron ("Converging User-centric & Enterprise-centric IDs") and two panel discussions: "Converging Data Governance and Access Governance," and "Establishing an Advanced Level of Enterprise Identity Maturity."

Then, on Thursday (5/6/10) I'll tackle "Cloud Platforms & Data Portability". This track will feature an intro talk ("Data Statelessness and the Continuum of Individuals' Data Portability on the Web") by XMLgrrl herself, Eve Maler. We'll follow this up with two great panels: "Social Data Portability," and "Business/Cloud portability."

There'll be other great sessions, also - there always are. Plus, the Deutsches Museum in Munich is a fabulous venue. I hope to see you there.

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