Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The dearth of blogging

I'm skipping the first couple of days (the "workshop" days) at this year's Catalyst Conference in San Diego. In the past, I'd relied on others blogs for the nitty-gritty of what's going on in those sessions. This year, though, it appears that Twitter has become the reporting tool of choice (and yeoman work is being done by @paulmadsen, @NishantK, @xmlgrrl and especially @brettmcdowell) but there's simply no way to get the full flavor of a presentation in a disjointed series of ~140 character semi-cryptic notes.

Please people, write up those blog entries! Tweet the URL of the posting, but give us as much verbiage as necessary to convey actual meaning.

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Or just ditch Twitter all together. I still don't "get it", Twitter seems to be the 1/2 way replacement for 20-30 other great ideas/systems, but that doesn't mean that you can then do the math and say it's 10-15 times better than any of the others, it doesn't do anything "all the way" and it mixes everything together. Twitter strikes me as the Windows Event Log for people, and how often do we go routing through Windows Event Logs?
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