Monday, April 20, 2009

Holy crap!!

I had to look twice at the calendar this morning when I read: Oracle agrees to buy Sun for $7.4B - Network World. But no, it was the 20th of April, not the 1st.

After all, there's so much overlap (starting with, say, MySQL) that it will be a complicated mesh-vs.-divest argument. There's virtually nothing in the IdM arena, for example, that Sun can provide which Oracle doesn't already have - and, in most cases, already have a better solution.

It's really only in the hardware business that Oracle is acquiring something they don't already have, but it seems like a very drastic step to take simply to be able to assemble their own appliances.

Maybe it's just Larry Ellison's way of telling both IBM and Microsoft that he intends to be a player in every high tech arena.

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