Thursday, December 11, 2008

54" 40' or fight!

It would be easier to just annex the old Oregon Territory if Microsoft really wants to corner the market on Canadian Identity gurus.

Kim Cameron quotes fellow Canuck Jackson Shaw (and also former Microsoftie) on the acquisition by Redmond of Vancouver's own Dick Hardt.

I think Dick will be good for Microsoft. I think that - as his marriage approaches - Microsoft could be good for him.

It's just that I think the software Behemoth of the northwest might be getting too much of a flavor of the Great White North. Next thing you know there'll be a Tim Horton's on campus!

Still, at least I know I'll have someone to talk hockey with next time I visit the campus...

Congrats all around!

Hey, they told that I could get TimBits? Looking forward to seeing you when you are on campus Dave!

-- Dick
There's probably a special shipment every morning...

TimBits? Are you kidding? We have Krispy Kremes! Once you go Krispy, you never go back!

A few years here and you'll be ordering green coffee beans, roasting and grinding them and then you'll really never go back! (Kim started this, now I do it too)

Oh, and did anyone mention the taxes down here? Yah, about the taxes...they're so little. I need a magnifying glass to see them...
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