Monday, September 15, 2008

more IDtbd

When I posted about the IDtbd group meeting last week (see YAUG - Yet Another Umbrella Group) I worried that perhaps I was the only one not seeing the benefit of this proposed organization. Now OpenID's David Recordon has posted his notes on the meeting which - looking at those parts of the meeting I attended - appear to very accurately reflect what was said. And it would appear that those present who are not members of the Liberty Alliance remained quite skeptical of the new group. The objections, as David notes, are fairly generally accepted:
  • Autonomous projects
  • Less funding
  • Board has too much authority
  • Plan for introducing a new organization should be more incremental

He also notes that Sun's (and Liberty Alliance secretary) Bill Smith raised a strong objection to what I'd written and was "...Asking for all future meetings to be private with no public notes so that people can speak more frankly. " Sadly, that's what I've come to expect from the Liberty Alliance - let's not discuss our differences, let's simply stifle them. That organization was born in darkness from a small group of invited participants which brooked no intrusions or comments from the outside and which reserved the chairs on its oard of Directors to only those first invited organizations for a very long time.

What's really fascinating is that IDtbd claims to want "To promote harmonization" but evidently needs to stifle dissent in order to do so!

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