Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Identity [finally] Happens

I wrote about Boeing's Marty Schlieff in the newsletter last spring after the Internet Identity Workshop. Marty's a "deep thinker" about identity issues, and wants to foster more rigorous thinking among enterprise identity architects. His idea for a blueprint/roadmap for enterprise identity inspired a session we're doing at the upcoming Digital ID World and now Marty's taken it into his own hands to do something by launching his own weblog "Identity Happens". Pay attention to it.

Marty is making a stab at creating an OSI-like model for identity. Like OSI, though, I think his model is a better illustration of the concepts than it is a blueprint for constructing anything. He posits 8 "layers":

  • Privileges
  • Platform Roles & Attributes
  • Accounts
  • Provisioning Roles & Attributes
  • Context
  • Subject
  • Persona
  • Entity

But there's considerable overlap, if not actual equality, of some: "Persona", the two different "Roles", etc. Still, it's a start, a beginning to the discussion - and that's not a bad thing at all.

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