Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Meta-directories? Your father's ID store...

Kuppinger Cole's Felix Gaehtgens posts today ("Meta-directories? I’d say quaint, but not quite dead.") on the demise of the metadirectory and the rise of virtualization. Felix should know, he's formerly the VP at Symlabs, a major Virtual Directory provider. He says:

"Microsoft has made an investment into that technology by rewriting MIIS pretty much from scratch. And Siemens to this date probably has the most comprehensive and advanced meta-directory implementation with its DirXmetahub component that is part of its Dir-X offering. Nevertheless, meta-directories are arguably still around mostly because Microsoft forces this technology onto its customers for what I think are political reasons: Several people working for Microsoft in the field have told me that is was in Microsoft’s interest to have Active Directory as a central component, and believe it against Microsoft’s interest to have a “filtered access”, such as a virtual directory in front of AD, abstracting information away from what should be the authoritative source. I never really understood this fear, but recently it seems that this brick wall may be slowly starting to crumble."
Read the rest of his post for a synthesis of the argument Kim and I have been having, a synthesis that could be close to a solution.

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