Saturday, December 15, 2007

The end of 'user-centric' identity?

In light of the last "tools" posting it's interesting to note that either Digital ID World's Eric Norlin recently posted their predictions for 2008 at CSO online and included this one:
"User-centric’ identity protocols will stop calling themselves ‘user-centric’: This is an adoption story. ‘User-centric’ protocols will gain some actual adoption in 2008 (yes, I'm implying that they haven't yet gotten any ‘real’ adoption). In so doing, the ‘folks in the know’ in that movement will *stop* prefacing everything they say with the words ‘user-centric,’ as they realize that their protocols may have been designed with that laudable goal in mind, but the terminology is just getting in the way. Instead of describing an ideal, they'll begin describing what they *do.*"
It is about time we stopped debating philosophy and started talking implementation, isn't it?

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