Wednesday, October 10, 2007

More on the Identity Oracle

I tried to leave this comment on Kim Cameron's blog, but pushing the "post" button seems to send IE (which I have to use there in order to submit an identity card) into the never-never..
Drop it while you can, Kim. Bob's right on this one. The "Identity Oracle" is a business model, not a technology feature. As I've said many times (and countless others have re-iterated), the technology is easy, it's the people that are the hard part.

"Claims transformation" is simply changing data from one format to another, or one protocol to another, etc. It's technology. It may be a necessary part of the infrastructure for an Identity Oracle, but it's only one small part.

For my take on the Identity Oracle, watch next Wednesday's Identity Management Newsletter.

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I agree with both you and Bob on this on. I have been somewhat guilty of perpetuating the naming issues that exist in IdM by using the term "Identity Oracle" when referring to the technology component that underlies the business service. But I have been spending a great deal of time thinking about the nature of this technology component, and don't think that it is as simple as you are alluding to here. I just wrote a pretty detailed post about it on my blog, so check it out and give me your thoughts.
Permit me to politely take exception to your statement that you have to use IE to post an information card. You can use Firefox as well once you install the plugin at And I'm sure that the Bandits and Higgins Project members would gladly provide you with counterexamples as well.

-- Mike

It's a very personal "I can't use an icard with Firefox" although I know others who claim they can. And, since Kim updated his site, I have a good deal of difficulty using icards even with IE!
OK - I'll go with this. The oracle is a business model that can be created on top of the claims based architecture.

You are right that I broke my site - explains why I didn't get any comments for a few days! Try it now, logging in from the button on the comments page (numerous clicks eliminated).

Finally, I think you meant to say Microsoft HealthVault, not HealthTrust. It's quite new so all feedback on it is of particular interest.
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