Thursday, August 30, 2007

Where's my data?

Dale Olds had an interesting post today ("The physical location of data matters") and Vikram Kumar had an interesting commentary ("Data location matters").

Dale states his thesis:
"The problem is that there can be very subtle problems in these systems based on where a policy is actually stored, who can access the policy, what is the security for retrieving the policy, etc.

And the slogan sounds very silly. It is 'the physical location of the data matters'."

And Kumar injects that:
"For many non-Americans top of mind when they think about the physical location of their data is the USA Patriot Act. This law presents two particularly thorny issues regarding their data stored in the US."

We sometimes lose sight of these issues as we strive to make data access as seamless as possible. From the beginnings of the virtual directory a dozen years ago to today's meshed software and mashed up services, the actual location of the data doesn't matter to the operation, to the transaction, to the application, to the service. But it terms of security and privacy (and even intellectual property) it might make a great deal of difference where the actual data resides.

Something to take into consideration.

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