Monday, August 27, 2007

Open source vaults?

Someone who styles himself "Ant" has posted a note which, while not adding anything really new to the "portable identity" debate still is important if only to show what an intelligent, if not totally informed, user might be thinking. And I certainly can't disagree when he says:
"I believe collectively we're searching for a repository for the many facets of my digital ID, constructed with an open standard. A database and application that lives on my own server with an API that allows organizations and companies to access the sets of information about me that I explicitly allow. This information doesn't get stored by these organizations or companies, because its mine. They can access it whenever they need it, but I manage it and can cut them off whenever I choose. I want my identity under my control and not in the hands of corporations and organizations who may or may not be obliged to do the right thing with it."

But - and it's a big but - I have to shake my head at comments such as "my personal data is not for a corporation to charge me for the right to use." Yeah. And we'll have open source public data vaults right about the time we have free and open banks! (and I'd trust them just as little...)

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"Ant" is Anthony Colfelt
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