Thursday, July 26, 2007

Another new book

Another new Identity-centric book has just been published (note to self: get busy writing!). Sun's Rakesh Radhakrishnan has penned "Identity & Security: A Common Architecture & Framework For SOA and Network Convergence" for futuretext. According to the blurb:

"This book is based on the author's experience working at Sun Microsystems as an IT Architect specialising in Identity System Integration with Telecom Customers and Cable Customers along with Sun's NEP (network equipment partners) and integrating Sun Identity System with ISV (independent software vendor) partners. It also includes the author's understanding of market developments in the Identity space and potential future, based on the developments that have taken shape in the last five years (2002 to 2007). The objective of this book is to explore the strategic significance, market requirements and all the potential possibilities of leveraging Standards based Identity Systems for an Enterprise IT environment (& Enterprise Architecture) and Telecommunication environment to provide a pragmatic view for the future in network convergence and converged services based on Service Oriented Architecture. This book also looks into the alignment and functional (vertical) integration offered by an Identity System as a Common Security Framework for Enterprise Services (such as ERP, SCM, CRM Services based on SOA), Web Services, DRM Services, Telecom Services (Data, Voice and Video), Enterprise Networks and Telecom Networks (including Sensor Networks, Programmable Networks, 4G Networks and IMS Networks)."

Sounds interesting...

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