Thursday, June 14, 2007

No white paper for you!

Jeff Bohren - like me - has been following Jackson Shaw's postings about his "Tenets of Identity Management." In a posting today, Jeff notes that he decided to download the white paper containing all of Shaw's "tenets" - but he couldn't. It seems that Quest, Shaw's employer, blocked downloads from Jeff's address! By shifting to a Yahoo! mail account, the download could proceed.

This compounds stupid with idiotic!

It's stupid to require registration to download marketing materials - and all white papers are marketing materials. That's like asking you to pay extra to watch the ads on TV. But then to purposely block particular domains - even competitors' domains - is idiotic. What are they afraid of, and how do they think this policy will keep out all but the most naive (who probably aren't working for their competitors)?

Jackson's a nice guy, with an interesting take on Identity. It's a shame his company is putting impediments in the way of spreading that take.

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