Thursday, December 15, 2005

Everybody look what's going down

Greg Yardley brings up a very valid point regarding the new "latest thing" from the Web 2.0 crowd - structured blogging. Yardley's point, essentially, is that it's one more way for the psuedo-altruistic web 2.0 big shots to make more money by avoiding the actual creation of intellectual property.

Tim O'Reilly's acolytes are quite willing to let you and I do all the creative work but will thoughtfully provide straitjacketing forms so that our output is machine readable and assemble-able so that their portals and aggregators can attract the seekers and searchers (and the advertising dollars those eyes can generate).

And not only does structured blogging mean that someone else will get rich off of your efforts, but that weblog spam, and "splogs" will be much easier to do!

When people with a vested interest dismiss a valid arguement as "paranoid" without actually answering the question - you know the questioner is on to something.

Structured blogging - just say no. The really delicious part is that they can't do anything without our participation.

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