Monday, September 19, 2005

Toby Stevens

I3: The Identity Indemnity Index

Each individual possesses numerous identifiers - such as credit cards, driving license - that make up their overall identity, and each of these identifiers has an implicit value if stolen or subverted (although in some cases this value is negligible and the identifier may be treated as 'consumable'). A change in the individual's circumstances or the nature of the relationship with the identity provider may change the value of the identifier. Multiple low-value identifiers may be used to prove the individual's eligibility for a higher-value identifier.

Individuals and identity providers must be able to evaluate and compare the value of identifiers in order to determine the level of security required, and assess the liability - and hence the indemnity - associated with each identifier.

This paper proposes a simple framework for the evaluation of the liability and impact of an individual identifier, which will in turn facilitate comparison of different types of identity.

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