Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Anti-social networking

Jim Kobielus has some interesting comments today about the potential dark side of "social networking."

In discussing an article he read in ComputerWorld, Kobielus says: "This sentence caught my eye: 'Social networking technology helps connect friends, business partners and others using a variety of tools such as search and data mining.'
'And others...tools...search…data mining.' I’ll bet 'social software' is a major tool for identity theft, facilitated by identity mining that’s enabled through indiscriminate linking at the behest of faux friends and business acquaintances."

I know there was a good reason that I always refuse the "invitations" to become LinkedIn, now I understand why. As Jim says, it "...makes you wonder what these 'people' [the ones who invite you in] expect to get from linking to you, and you to them. But of course - your resume, with all your personal data arranged neatly, spelled correctly, and packed efficiently into a scannable data structure."

I'll stay LinkedOut for now.

Just FYI, Linkedin does not require you to post a resume or provide any personal details about yourself. There are also privacy controls to hide your list of connections.
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