Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Moving day?

Over the next month or so I'll be moving all of my jottings on Identity, Identity Management, Identity and Access Management, etc., etc. over to a new site. IdM is a new venture which I hope will garner a wider readership than the Virtual Quill site.

Vquill.com will still be here, but it will contain musings and ramblings on other-than-identity issues.

The Network World newsletters on Identity, Windows Networking, and Novell Networking will remain as is. So Will the Wired Windows column in the print edition of Network World.

IdM will also contain news headlines and links, white paper listings (and links), event listings (and links) and - over time - all things which make IdM (the technology) so interesting (and links!).

Until the move is finalized, the Virtual Quill blog posts will be duplicated at IdM - but you have had fair warning!

I switched Planet Identity to http://idmjournal.com/rssfeed.xml, but this just gets me the news feed (http://idmjournal.com/news.html). I'll switch back to http://vquill.com/blog/blogger_rss.xml until you make the final move.
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