Wednesday, May 04, 2005

A trisk-et (a trasket?)

Jamie Lewis decided that 2 parts for his Thinking Out Loud About Trust wasn't enough, so he posted Part Ia. He objected to the word "trisk" I suggested as a replacement for trust, but I don't mind. I also prefer the concept of "reliance" for these situations. The example he quotes from Phil Windley (a clerk taking a credit card) is a very good indicator of how to use reliance for confirming identity.

In reality this is analogous to the situation with "trusting" the advice (or knowledge) of a friend or acquaintance (or a stranger). You evaluate the person's experience with you, knowledge of the topic and risk of deliberate misinformation and decide how much reliance to place in the information. It might be a useful exercise to attempt to diagram how a person determines reliability of another person then map that to machine-to-machine interactions.

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