Thursday, November 18, 2004

Hope springs eternal...

Four small Linux vendors have teamed up on new standardized Linux core. Conectiva, MandrakeSoft, Progeny Linux Systems and Turbolinux announced they would work together to promote a common standard in an effort to attract 3rd party software vendors to write for the platform. For Turbolinux, at least, this is a case of deja vu all over again.

Back in May 2002 they joined with 3 other Linux distributors to create UnitedLinux, a thinly veiled attempt to compete with RedHat. One of those four was Caldera, now SCO, who've turned into Linux' biggest enemy. But another of the UnitedLinux four was SuSE, now owned by Novell and as much a target of the new group as Red Hat still is.

The business market is the future for Linux, and businesses don't want a "common core", they want someone they can call when problems occur. That'll be RedHat, Novell, IBM, Sun - and Microsoft!

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