Wednesday, September 29, 2004

ACM is all thumbs

The venerable old Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) may be passing into organizational senility, at least when you view their entry into the world of electronic voting. According to a Network World story, "Paperless e-voting gets thumbs down from ACM," the organization polled it's membership and the results are reported as indicating that "Voting systems should enable each voter to inspect a physical (e.g. paper) record to verify that his or her vote has been accurately cast."

But, how many different ways, how many different times can I say this? A paper receipt tells us absolutely nothing about how the vote was recorded!

The only way to insure accurate vote tallies is to validate and certify the machine. With validation, the vote count is accurate and no recount is needed. Without validation, the vote count is worthless, no matter how many paper receipts are issued.

on c span right now the players in the political drama are acting as if all the votes are in and that the vote count has been validated, it isn't over yet, it isn't over until its over, what if there is a come back, like the sox in the playoffs and the series, what if the redskin loss was true prophecy when the vote count is validated and all the votes in, and john kerry is the winner.....its happened before it may happen again, am posting this as a comment to your blog because you have more knowledge on the topic....we may see it on the news if the topic comes up while the players play on the political stage, we may see this latest posting link to cartoonnews update, thanks
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