Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Some people shouldn't be let out alone

Got a mailing on escorted tours from "Vacations to Go" this morning, so went to the web site to see what was on offer. I was surprised not to see Ireland listed separately, so choose "other Europe" from the "by Region" list. I found Spain, Italy, Poland, Scandinavia - but no Ireland!

Hoping they hadn't made a dreadful mistake, I clicked on "Great Britain only". Sure enough - lots of tours of Ireland.

The Republic of Ireland is NOT a part of Great Britain. They fought a war about that. Its like listing the US as part of "Great Britain" because they once were ruled by the same king!

Web design techies once again are proven to be just a tad behind on politics - and geography!

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Alan Fox, CEO of Vacations-to-go responded to my email:

"Thanks for writing. You are absolutely right, Ireland is not a part of Great Britain, and I sincerely apologize that we've offended you. As Ireland is part of the British Isles, many of our customers who may not be as familiar with the area start by searching that area when looking for tours to Ireland. We are planning to rework the regions on our site in the near future, and I will be sure that this inaccuracy is addressed."

We'll watch and see....
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