Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Forget the contract, its not important

Utah's Canopy Group was the major backer of Caldera which became SCO and is suing everybody over alleged copyright violations in Linux. Now GROKLAW reports that Canopy is suing Novell (also being sued by SCO) concerning circumstances surrounding the sale of DR-DOS from Novell to Caldera and the subsequent suit by Caldera against Microsoft concerning actions taken by the Redmond company to stymie DR-Dos. That suit was settled (and sealed) but according to GROKLAW Caldera won "billions" from Microsoft.

This new suit asserts that there were unwritten, oral agreements at the time of the transfer of DR-Dos to canopy which supersede the contract.

Evidently the dreamworld of SCO CEO Darl MacBride has now been extended to all the folks at the Canopy Group.

For now, though, I'd suggest avoiding long stays in Utah - it might be something in the air, or in the water, but it does create a fantasy world for those who linger too long.

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