Monday, May 24, 2004

But Who Read It?

"You Sent It, But Did They Read It?" is the mantra of, who promise to be able to tell you when, where and for how long a recipient is reading your email. They don't actually mention how they do this, but it isn't that difficult to figure out. Lot's of spammers (and crackers) use what are called "web bugs" as a way of tracking by whom and when a bit of email is read. Its a tool well known to the sleazy.

The folks behind are Rampell Software, LLC, whose other products allow you to spy on remote computers, log keyboard activity on computers and generally become just as sleazy as they are. Here's the outfit all those folks up-in-arms about Gmail should be going after - sleazy people who read your email and track its receipt. Not only should you avoid this bunch, you should work actively to get them shut down and run out of town before they compromise your identity, privacy and security.

Dave - HOW can one stop people like this from spying on us?
Use an email client that supports only text. And, of course, spread the word about these nefarious practices.
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