Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Death, taxes and Bill Gates

Now that April 15th is past (tax day here in the US), it must be time to turn our attention to this year's revamp of Microsoft's licensing policies. According to a story in eWeek, quoting Steve Ballmer, Microsoft is Eying Pay-as-You-Go Licensing perhaps as early as next year. This would allow Application Service Providers (ASPs) to license software on behalf of their clients rather than have the clients negotiate volume pricing with Microsoft. While this might "level" the payments an organization has to make, easing budgeting requirements, its sure to cost the organizations more in the long run. The ASPs won't take on added paperwork without some recompense and Microsoft has never willingly lowered a license fee.

Nothing has been set in stone yet, according to Ballmer, but volume licensees should pay close attention - Microsoft may be looking to big your pocket again.

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