Wednesday, April 21, 2004

CA still doesn't get it.

Computer Associates' honcho Sanjay Kumar stepped down as CEO it was announced today, but he remains with the company in the newly created position of "chief software architect". No replacement as CEO has been named.

CA came under intense pressure to make changes at the top when they announced the firing, earlier this week, of 9 mid to high level employees in legal and financial roles. CA has been under investigation by the SEC for some time for incidents that occured during Kumar's tenure as CEO and COO. This latest move may satisfy the board of directors, but stockholders and regulators will probably have much more to say about this slap on the wrist for the chief architect of the scandal-plagued company.

Its what I'd expect from this company, though. I've found CA to be essentially clueless over the years, and this latest step just reinforces that feeling.

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