Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Shocking, I say, it's shocking!

According to this story in PC World on-line alcoholic beverage sites are accused of targeting teens. But who's doing the accusing? Why its the Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth at Georgetown University. What would really be shocking is if the report had concluded that everything was just fine.

What these latter day Carrie Nations really want is to ban alcohol advertising (and possibly consumption) entirely. The center makes no bones about their aim: "The Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth at Georgetown University monitors the marketing practices of the alcohol industry to focus attention and action on industry practices that jeopardize the health and safety of America's youth."

When are Americans going to wake up and realize that a) animation appeals to more than pre-adolescents; and b) what appeals to a 21 year old legal drinker just might also appeal to an 18 year old legal-in-some-states drinker. But, then, some people believe that everything enjoyable is a vice to be stamped out and that the internet is the devil's own communications medium. And its sacrilegious to post this on St. Patrick's Day! (see, I can be just as stereotypical as the next bozo!)

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