Thursday, March 11, 2004

Do you know where I am?

The US Senate will soon take up bills that require outsourced helpdesks to identify their location when called according to this story in The Register. The House of Representatives is looking at bills to deny government incentives to companies who move major functions offshore.

Predictably, industry is upset claiming that all this focus on offshoring and outsourcing will give them a bad name in consumers' eyes. Well, duh! Take away my job, my relatives' jobs, my neighbors' jobs but still expect me to say how wonderful you are because you've kept the price down? What good is a lower price if no one can buy the product? What good is the lower price if your stock goes through the floor because American's are losing jobs in the midst of an "economic recovery"? Maybe its time US industry realized that every silver lining has a dark cloud attached!

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