Monday, March 29, 2004

Chicago Hilton sucks too!

I've stayed in 7 hotels in the past 10 days - 3 Marriotts, 2 Hiltons, a Radisson and a Hyatt. Internet connectivity varies widely, even in the same chain's properties. The 3 Marriotts, for example, offered 1 dial-up only, 1 $10/day hi-speed wired connection, and 1 free hi-speed wired connection. The Radisson also offered free hi-speed wired connection. 1 Hilton was dial-up only, while the other one and the Hyatt both boasted of wireless connections in the rooms.

The Hilton (in Chicago) either had major problems, or simply lied. I never could find the WAP, even though I walked with my laptop from one end of the hall to the other. There phone lines were pretty crappy too, as my dial-up connection kept dropping (and they charge $1/connection).

The Hyatt (Reston, VA) did have wireless connectivity, but not from the desk in my room (evidently too far from the WAP). Moving a chair, and my computer, into the bahroom allowed for a moderately fast connection.

So this informal survey shows Radisson on top, followed by Marriott. A less-than-honorable mention to Hyatt and a thumbs-down on Hilton. Your mileage may vary.

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