Friday, March 19, 2004

Bill Gates - you've got mail!

I've considered the New York Post to be barely a step above the Inquirer (maybe, Weekly World News with a sports section?) since the advent of Rupert Murdock, but when the cover technology (or business) they can really go off the edge. Everyone knows that Time-Warner is looking hard to divest itself of AOL after the disaster of attempting to merge those two entertainment giants. But the Post evidently seriously believes that Microsoft and Time-Warner are in discussions to have Redmond acquire the biggest rival to its MSN network. The Post reports: "Time Warner lawyers have begun analyzing any potential antitrust issues from such a deal, and to date their conclusion is that there would be few roadblocks to a Microsoft acquisition of AOL." What color is the sky in their universe? Even the Bush-era, business friendly Department of Justice couldn't choke that one down.

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