Thursday, February 26, 2004

Innovation stifling for fun and profit

Former internet domain name monopolist VeriSign is suing ICANN, new king of "doesn't anyone here have a clue" politics because the clueless have forced the ex-monopolist to end profit making activities through the use of coercion. VeriSign thought it would be a great idea to re-direct people who misspelled domain names to a search site they controlled and on which they would sell advertising, advertising geared to the domain being sought (a la Google's Ad-words). ICANN told them either to cease and desist or face revocation of their rights to control the .COM top level domain. Now VeriSign is suing claiming that ICANN stifled their "innovation".

One can only hope that the judge will put both in a small room, each armed to the teeth, then lock the door and wait until all signs of life have been extinguished.

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