Tuesday, February 10, 2004

I didn't do it and I didn't mean to, either.

I wasted two hours yesterday listening to Joe Trippi (Howard Dean's former campaign manager) drone on. The gist of his message - "it wasn't my fault! The broadcast media did us in." But whenever the erstwhile front-runner finishes fourth, it very well is the fault of the campaign manager!

Clay Shirkey, as he so often does, has the best "final word" on the Dean debacle. Too many people, it seems, were supporting the internet and anyone who they thought "got it". But these people weren't voters in Iowa or New Hampshire (heck, some may have thought Dean was running for president of the Internet - especially after the Gore endorsement!). The Dean campaign - and Mr. Trippi - ended up believing their own press releases, a very fatal flaw.

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