Thursday, January 22, 2004

Stop-press: Internet not secure!

A minority of people studying an internet voting test scheduled by the Pentagon for service personnel to use for absentee balloting have jumped the gun and released a Chicken Little report claiming that "Internet Voting is Inherently Flawed". The majority of the researchers, however, have yet to release the actual study report.

Evidently, the actual report may not be as incendiary as these folks would have you believe. But one of the four, Avi Rubin of Johns Hopkins was also the co-author of the equally wildly incendiary report on the supposed documents (pilfered from Diebold) about electronic voting machines and their vulnerabilities.

The press, in its typical uncritical way, simply accepts whatever these luddites wish to attempt to put over on them. Electronic voting is no less secure than any other method (with the possible exception of caucusing). Internet voting can be made as secure as internet buying. There are precautions that should be taken and safeguards that should be introduced but none are beyond our current technology. Unfortunately, these bozos seem to think that, unless you "pull a Dean" (i.e., imitate the howling of Howard Dean) then no one will pay attention.

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