Monday, December 22, 2003

Not so fast, Darl!

Novell has now asserted - by revealing correspondence between its general counsel, Joe LaSala and SCO - that it did not, in fact, turn over all copyrights to Unix SVR4 to the Santa Cruz Operation (now SCO Group) as part of the now infamous "amendment #2" which SCO conveniently discovered early last summer.

Its Novell's contention that this amendment only allowed for the possibility that SCO could acquire some rights to the Unix code as needed to support the asset purchase agreement.

Even if this does go in front of a judge, it may not be until my grandchildren have grown old that anything definitive will have been decided. Of course, SCO will be long gone by then so the entire subject may be moot - unless Microsoft buys out SCO's assets. Hmmmm.....

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