Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Sell 'em what we've got!

I worked as a salesman for a wholesaler for a couple of years back in the 70's. Each week, the sakes people would come in to a meeting and report what the customers were saying about the products they'd like to see. Invariably, the sales manager would trot out a list of our current inventory and say "Don't sell them what they want, sell them what we've got!." Intel CTO Pat Gelsinger was playing that role on Monday when he told reporters attending the Intel Developer Forum in San Jose that 64-bit desktop computing is unnecessary.  Of course, Intel has no plans to produce enough 64-bit chips so that the technology could spread from servers to desktops to notebooks. But rival AMD does. Desktop users are beginning to run into real problems with the "limited" addressing space of 32-bit CPUs and the clamor for the expanded RAM made possible by 64-bit chips will only get louder.

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