Monday, July 21, 2003

Privacy yet Again

Information Week is once again lamenting The Death Of Privacy but the telling comment is this:

"...the very concept of privacy, especially in public spaces, is going to be radically overhauled..."

Guys, there is not and should not be an expectation of privacy in a public place! The technology doesn't change anything except that instead of relying on the poor recollection of a human we now can rely on digitally recorded sight and sound. That means the whole concept of "my word against yours" or "he said, she said" when arguing over events which took place in public could soon become a thing of the past! The savings in litigation would be enormous.

I want more surveillance cameras in more public places. I want more people carrying picture phones. Viva technology!

Uh-oh! Steve Wozniak has a new project ("Wozniak's latest project: GPS locator tags for everything") that'll twist the knickers right off the pecksniffian privacy provocateurs. On the other hand, Woz's new idea has almost all the latest techie buzz words: personal networking, wireless, peer-to-peer, RFID, Identity Management - if Wozniak could only wrap it up in a "web services" envelop he would have all of today's hottest buzz words in one small, relatively inexpensive product! Didn't he do something like that 25 years ago?

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