Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Chili Out!

Since 1991, one of the more enjoyable parts of Comdex in Las Vegas (some years, the only enjoyable part of Comdex) has been the Chili Cookoff, a charity event thought up by MicroGrafx's Paul Grayson and sponsored by the company ever since. This was both a big fundraiser for children's causes as well as a good place to socialize with the elite as well as the hoi-polloi of high tech.

Micrografx is now gone (absorbed by Corel), and Grayson has moved on (to Alibre) so the Chili Cookoff is no longer a part of Comdex.

But just like Phoenix (the bird, not the overheated city in Arizona) the Cookoff is rising from its own ashes to be reconstituted as Texas Chili for Children. It's not in Vegas any more (a decided plus, I think) but much closer to Grayson in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

It's a very good cause, it's pretty good eats and DFW airport is fairly easy for most folks to get to - put it on your calendar for this fall, October 29, at Dallas' Fair Park (and say hello to Big Tex while you're there!).

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