Thursday, June 12, 2003

Larry Ellison - my Hero?

I thought the SCO suit was ridiculous, but now J.D. Edwards is suing Oracle because it "illegally interfered in its proposed merger with PeopleSoft."

First, its not a merger - PeopleSoft wants to buy J.D.Edwards outright. And, not surprisingly, nothing in Oracle's offer to buy PeopleSoft requires that the acquisition of J.D.Edwards not go forward. In other words, Bob Dutkowsky (CEO of J.D.Edwards) is in a snit that he won't get all the perks he was expecting from the PeopleSoft acquisition. All he's managing to do, though, is to make Larry Ellison look like the good guy. That's hardly ever been done before and must qualify Dutkowsky as bozo of the year if not of the century. The stockholders of J.D.Edwards (as well as those of PeopleSoft) need to look closely at what's happening and decide what's in their best interests. If they do that, they may just be surprised to find that Larry Ellison, the Rogue of Redwood City might just be the real white knight!

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