Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Jobs: new Mac "better than any Windows PC"

Steve Jobs has never outgrown the pre-teen "mine's bigger than yours" culture of his youth. Yesterday, at Apple's annual developers conference, he announced that the new Macs would be "Better than any Windows PC." But what he meant was that the new boxes (if they ever get built, if they ever ship, if they can maintain inventory - all problems that have bedeviled Apple in recent years) have faster clock speeds. He did talk about some sort of Adobe Photoshop benchmark, but no one has ever claimed a Windows PC was better than the equivalent Mac for photo processing.

Show us data on databases, spreadsheets - even word processors - Steve. Then maybe the business community might be willing to at least take a look. Evidently, though, in Jobs' cultural environment Office productivity isn't "way kewl".

UPDATE According to an article in the Register ("Apple accused of cheating over G5 benchmarks"):
"Benchmark results cited by Apple at the launch of its Power Mac G5 desktops yesterday have already come under fire for seeming to not only tweak the Mac test system to improve its performance beyond anything an ordinary user might experience, but crippling rival systems to deliver below-par average user performance. "

Not at all "kewl", Steve!

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