Friday, June 06, 2003

ESOL [English for Speakers of Obtuse Legalese]

SCO and Novell have now each trotted out excerpts from their various documents accompanying the sale of UnixWare and other stuff. The Register's Ashlee Vance nicely sums out Where We Stand Today covering SCO's finding of an amendment to their Asset Purchase Agreement with Novell which appears to state that, yes indeed, SCO does own the copyrights to Unix and UnixWare. Novell then backed off their claim to the copyrights but still claimed to own the patents. Of course, the patent office still shows AT&T as the patent holder.
No one, so far, has been willing to post the actual documents for our perusal - instead they all show scraps, clauses and otherwise incomprehensible bits and pieces of legalese. Let's get all the documents - including the bits of Linux that SCO claims are illegal use of its copyrighted material - out in the open where everyone can form their own opinion. Then let's get it settled in court. Drop a note to Darl McBride at SCO and let him know what you think.

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