Wednesday, May 14, 2003


The Washington Post has published a fairly well done article on the problems of "Blacklists vs. Spam". Its a situation I looked at in "Spam, spam, spam, lovely spam" in Wired Windows last December as well as in "Spam rebel with a cause" in July of the previous year. Blacklists, often controlled by a single individual, are believed by most subscribers to scrupulously research any domain or ip address or range before blackisting them In fact, little or no research is done as these organizations rely on eager, enthusiastic, sometimes grudge-holding volunteers to do the leg work. Its getting out of hand. Defining spam, of course, is left entirely up to the individual running the blacklist. Its time, well past time, for regulation of the blacklisters.

The Post articvle, by the way, leads off with a story concerning the same IPP I was writing about in the July, 2001 column.

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