Tuesday, March 11, 2003

The Liberty Alliance Project has released a white paper outlining it's
Federated Network Identity Management Architecture. I've no idea how that phrase is broken up - is it "federated-network identity-management architecture", or "federated network-identity-management architecture", or "federated network-identity management-architecture"?

It also, more importantly, states that one feature of the architecture is that it "allows a user with multiple accounts at different Liberty enabled sites to link these accounts for future authentication and sign-in at these sites (i.e. federation)." That's true only if all the sites the user wishes to link belong to the same "circle of trust". Using the growth of the banking ATM network as a model, Liberty proponents are wont to say that the circle of trust wil leventually encompass all liberty-enabled sites - but that's quite some ways in the future.

The document goes on to say, "Simplified sign-on is supported both within a circle of trust and across circles of trust." But, then, what value has the Circle of Trust if not to limit the "simplified" sign-on radius?

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