Saturday, July 21, 2012


My colleague, Craig Burton, caused quite a stir at the rcent Cloud Identity Summit when he declared "SAML is dead". The Twitterverse exploded in comment. After reflecting for a few days, I'd like to add a bit of doggerel to the discussion. To the tune of "Poor Jud is Dead" (and with apologies to Oscar Hammerstein II):
Poor SAML's dead, so Craig Burton said
Its friends have wept and wailed for miles around.
"It works just fine today" is the mantra they all say
But Craig just shakes his head and shows a frown.

Poor SAML's dead is what Craig Burton said
Dead as COBOL though is more correct.
Use that code today, but develop with it? Nay.
The future will be OpenID connect.

Poor SAML's dead put a candle at its head
Its lookin' oh so bloated at its best.
It looks like it's asleep, it's a shame that it won't keep
But it's 2012 and what it needs is REST.

To the Future - and beyond!

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